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Welcome to Kitty Collars where you can buy cute collars that are safe for your cat.

We specialise in breakaway cat collars which are designed to snap open quickly if caught on anything. So if your cat is in danger - hooked on a tree branch, snagged on a fence, caught on a window latch - she can break free and live to chase another mouse.

A safe cat collar makes a great gift for your cat or a cat-loving friend!
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Personalised Cat Collar
"Your personalised cat collars are fantastic! Honey has worn them since I got her, and when she went missing last Christmas it was her collar that got her home. I can't recommend them enough."
JL, Northumberland

We get really wonderful feedback about our personalised cat collars from relieved mums and dads who have been reunited with their kitties because of the telephone number on the collar.

Even if your cat is microchipped (which we strongly recommend), a personalised collar means you can be contacted sooner if your cat gets lost or injured.
Super Reflective Cat Collars

We're delighted that veterinary expert Maeve Moorcroft recommended our
super reflective cat collars in Woman's Weekly! (31 Dec 2010, page 56)