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Cute collars that are safe for your cat™
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Cute collars that are safe for your cat™

personalised reflective cat collars

Give your cat the best chance of getting home with one of our personalised cat collars! Your telephone number is printed big and bold on the collar, making it easy for someone to contact you if your cat gets lost or injured.

Even if your cat is microchipped (recommended), a personalised cat collar means you can be contacted sooner which could make all the difference.

We offer two types of personalised cat collar: Personalised Reflective (on this page) which are super reflective, and Personalised Soft which are softer and offer more text and positioning options.

Personalised Reflective Cat Collars
Personalised Reflective Cat Collars
only £9.99

Super reflective! The most reflective cat collars you will find! In headlight tests, our personalised reflective cat collars really stood out!

Safe! The quick release clasp releases quickly if the collar gets caught on anything, freeing your cat from danger.

Convenient! There's no need for a cat tag which some cats find annoying and which can get caught on things.

Cute! Choose from a range of bright colours with matching bells (optional).

step 1) select the colour

The black text stands out best on the lighter colours of White, Yellow, Pink, Green and Orange.

fluorescent yellow
fluorescent pink
fluorescent green
fluorescent orange
periwinkle (light purple)

step 2) check the size

Please read the following information about sizing.

Our cat collars are adjustable from 20 to 30 cm (for necks that measure 17 to 27 cm). They tend to fit from about 6 months, but it depends on the size and breed. For your cat's safety and comfort, you must wait until he is at least 6 months old and the collar fits properly. The guideline is that you should be able to fit only 1-2 fingers (flat) between the collar and the neck, so that it's comfortable but not loose.

If this is the first time you've ordered from us, please measure your cat's neck to check that the collar will fit. With your cat standing or sitting up (not lying down), use a piece of string and then measure that. Don't use a tape measure or ribbon as this isn't as accurate on small necks. What you want is a snug neck measurement - don't put 2 fingers underneath. If your adult cat's neck measures between 17 and 27 cm snug, the collar should fit. If not, you can tell us the snug neck measurement in the Special Instructions field when you check out and we will shorten the collar as needed.

step 3) type the phone number you'd like on the collar

We can print up to 24 characters, but to maximise the reflective area you could print just your phone number.

Please include your entire phone number including your area code, e.g., 020, 01983, etc.

Your text will be left-justified on the collar as shown below. You will need to move the adjustment slider to the left or right until it fits your cat. The guideline is that you should be able to fit only 2 fingers (flat) between the collar and the neck.

Our collars are adjustable from 20 to 30 cm

step 4) add to shopping basket

£ 9.99

You will be emailed a receipt. Please check it immediately. If there are any errors, please reply to back to it and make sure you receive an email from us acknowledging the change.

Loyalty Programme: For every 10 collars you have ordered in the last 7 years, you can claim 1 additional collar FREE! On the order that reaches 10, tell us (in the Special Instructions field) your previous order numbers and what you'd like as your additional free collar. Click 'add message' so that it's recorded on your order. Don't pay for the free one! With mixed orders, the free collar will be the same value as the lowest value collar.