Cute Collars That Are Safe For Your Cat

Welcome to Kitty Collars where we love cats and care about their safety! We sell safe cat collars which are designed to release quickly if caught on something.

Cats, being naturally curious, can get themselves into some really tight spots. Your cat needs a collar that stays on when it needs to, but comes off if she gets stuck. So if your cat is in danger – hooked on a tree branch, snagged on a fence, caught on a window latch – she can break free and live to chase another mouse.

Quick release cat collars (also called breakaway cat collars) are the safest type of cat collar and recommended by animal welfare organisations. They are the only type of cat collar we sell and the only type we would put on our own cats.

A safe cat collar makes a great gift for your cat or a cat-loving friend!

Why Buy From Us?

  • We love cats, so we sell only safe cat collars!
  • We’re recommended by Cats Protection and UK vets.
  • Our cat collars are well made and the best in their class, e.g., our soft collars are the softest, our reflective collars are the most reflective.
  • We sell only quick-release cat collars which are the type recommended by Cats Protection, The Cat Group, RSPCA and other animal welfare organisations.
  • With an ideal release strength, our cat collars stay on when they need to, but come off if your cat gets stuck. We test every clasp multiple times before shipping to make sure it’s purrfect.
  • We specialise in personalised cat collars which help cats get home! We sell personalised dog collars too.
  • It’s safe to shop with us. Our website uses secure encryption and your card details are processed by Opayo, one of the UK’s most trusted payment processors. We don’t see or store your card details.
  • Our loyalty programme means you can get 1 free collar for every 10 collars ordered in the last 7 years.
  • We don’t bother you with marketing emails. We only contact you about your order.
  • We sponsor Cat Chat, a UK registered charity that helps find loving, permanent homes for over 10,000 unwanted and abandoned cats every year. By shopping with us, you’re supporting this fantastic charity too!

We’re one of Cats Protection’s Favourite Things!

The Cat magazine from Cats Protection, the UK’s leading feline welfare charity, has chosen our personalised cat collars as one of their Favourite Things in their latest issue!

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The Cat magazine from Cats Protection

Should my cat wear a collar?

Definitely! But not just any collar. It needs to be safe (see below) and have visible ID. Proper identification greatly increases the chances of your cat being returned to you. Our personalised cat collars make it easy for you to be contacted because your phone number is printed big and bold directly on the collar. It’s a great alternative to a cat tag which can get caught on things and which some cats find annoying. We offer two types, Personalised Soft and Personalised Reflective.

What is the safest cat collar?

The safest cat collar has a quick release clasp and doesn’t stretch. There are many hanging hazards both inside and outside the home, so this is the only type of cat collar to consider.

The quick release clasp opens quickly if your cat gets caught on something, preventing strangulation.

The collar should not stretch. Elasticated cat collars (with an elastic insert or fully elasticated) – even if combined with a quick release clasp – are not safe. A cat can get its front leg caught in the collar, which can cause a serious injury. Even with veterinary treatment, sometimes the injury doesn’t heal and may require amputation. Another scenario is if the cat gets caught on something, it will struggle, twisting and twisting the elastic. This may lead to strangulation. With one of our quick release cat collars, the collar would quickly release and free the cat from danger.

My cat is microchipped. Does he need a collar?

Yes! The problem with relying on microchipping alone is that many people assume that a collarless cat is homeless, start feeding it, the cat doesn’t leave, and they end up adopting it. Meanwhile, the cat’s owner is heartbroken because they’ve lost their beloved cat.

Because we sponsor Cat Chat, we get many calls from people thinking we’re a rescue, wanting to find a home for a “stray” they adopted years ago. I ask if they’ve had the cat scanned for a microchip and they usually say “what’s that?”.

A woman called to order a collar for a cat that had appeared in her garden several years before. I asked if she had ever had the cat scanned for a chip and she hadn’t, despite her own cats being chipped.

Also, the person who finds a cat may not have a cat carrier or transport to be able to take the cat to a vet. A man called us about a cat in his garden. I asked him to take it to a vet to be scanned for a chip. He asked if it would be OK to wrap it in a towel and take it on a bus! Needless to say, I said no, and recommended he ask someone to loan him a cat carrier and give him a lift to a vet.

We recommend a microchip plus one of our personalised cat collars with your phone number printed on the collar. We offer two types, Personalised Soft and Personalised Reflective.

My cat never leaves our garden. Does she need a personalised cat collar?

Absolutely! Your cat could get chased out of her familiar territory by another animal or scared by fireworks and get very lost. Many cats find an open car or van simply irresistible. We keep hearing about cats that have hitched a ride and ended up many miles from home. So it’s very important that she wears visible ID.

Should my indoor cat wear a collar?

Yes! Indoor cats need collars with ID too! An indoor cat that escapes from the house is much more likely to become frightened, disoriented and lost, so it’s extremely important that he wears identification. Indoor cats can escape from open doors and windows, and during break-ins. In the case of an emergency such as a fire or flood, you and your cat will need to get out quickly, so putting him in a carrier may not be an option.

Do you sell cat safety collars?

We sell quick release cat collars, the only type of cat collar which can genuinely be described as a “cat safety collar”. Unfortunately, some retailers refer to elasticated cat collars as “cat safety collars”, but animal welfare organisations including Cats Protection and RSPCA are very clear that elasticated cat collars are not safe. You only need to search on dangerous cat collars to see the terrible injuries that can be caused by them.

Our Best Seller!our best seller

“Your personalised cat collars are fantastic! Honey has worn them since I got her, and when she went missing last Christmas it was her collar that got her home. I can’t recommend them enough.”

Jen L

We get really wonderful feedback about our personalised cat collars from relieved mums and dads who have been reunited with their kitties because of the telephone number on the collar. Even if your cat is microchipped (which we recommend), a personalised cat collar means you can be contacted sooner if your cat gets lost or injured.

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