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Christmas Cat Collars

These adorable Christmas cat collars will make fantastic Christmas presents for your cats and cat-loving friends! They’re made of soft fabric and very comfy.

Our Christmas cat collars aren’t just cute, they’re safe! The quick-release clasp releases quickly if the collar gets caught on anything, freeing your cat from danger.

Please read before ordering:
– Do not order if your kitten is less than 6 months old!
– To wear our collars, your kitten/cat must be at least 6 months old and weigh at least 2.75 kg. If younger or smaller, please do not order because the collar will not be suitable.
– Our cat collars are all the same size, adjustable from 20.5 to 32.5 cm (for necks that measure 17.5 to 29.5 cm).
– Our cat collars tend to fit from about 6 months, but please check that your kitten/cat’s neck measures at least 17.5 cm snug. If they are at least 6 months old but their neck is less than 17.5 cm snug, please ask us to shorten a collar to fit.
– Cat collars are not indestructible. Please follow the advice that comes with the collar in order to prolong its life.



Why Buy From Us?

  • We love cats, so we sell only safe cat collars!
  • We’re recommended by Cats Protection and UK vets.
  • Our cat collars are well made and the best in their class, e.g., our soft collars are the softest, our reflective collars are the most reflective.
  • We sell only quick-release cat collars which are the type recommended by Cats Protection, The Cat Group, RSPCA and other animal welfare organisations.
  • With an ideal release strength, our cat collars stay on when they need to, but come off if your cat gets stuck. We test every clasp multiple times before shipping to make sure it’s purrfect.
  • We specialise in personalised cat collars which help cats get home! We sell personalised dog collars too.
  • It’s safe to shop with us. Our website uses secure encryption and your card details are processed by Opayo, one of the UK’s most trusted payment processors. We don’t see or store your card details.
  • Our loyalty programme means you can get 1 free collar for every 10 collars ordered in the last 7 years.
  • We don’t bother you with marketing emails. We only contact you about your order.
  • We sponsor Cat Chat, a UK registered charity that helps find loving, permanent homes for over 10,000 unwanted and abandoned cats every year. By shopping with us, you’re supporting this fantastic charity too!

Our Loyalty Programme

For every 10 collars you order, you can claim 1 additional collar FREE! Our loyalty programme isn't automated, so please save your receipts. On the order that reaches or exceeds 10 collars, tell us (in the Special Instructions field) your previous order numbers and what you'd like as your additional free collar. Don't pay for the free one! With mixed orders, the free collar will be the same value as the lowest value collar.