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Cute collars that are safe for your cat™

One of Cats Protection's Favourite Things (Spring 2019)!

Cats Protection Spring 2019

Cats Protection has chosen our personalised cat collars as one of their Favourite Things in their Spring 2019 issue of The Cat magazine!

They love our personalised cat collars because they're:

  • Safe! The quick release clasp releases quickly if the collar gets caught on anything, freeing your cat from danger
  • Personalised! Your phone number is printed big and bold on the collar, making it easy for someone to contact you if your cat gets lost or injured
  • We offer two types of personalised cat collar:

  • Soft which are super soft and comfortable
  • Reflective which are super reflective
  • Even if your cat is microchipped (recommended), a personalised cat collar means you can be contacted sooner if your cat gets lost or injured.

    They're fantastic because there's no need for a tag which some cats find annoying and which can get caught on things.

    Whichever type you choose, you can be sure your cat will be safe! We sell only safe cat collars and check every clasp before shipping.